helping entrepreneurs

present their ideas, thoughtfully and visually.

We are a boutique branding agency for the passion-driven entrepreneur who is looking for more than just a good lookin' logo.

We stand for values that represent creativity, balance, and sustainability. Taking a dream and creating a living for oneself out of it and then using that creation to balance your life and give meaning or purpose that goes beyond making money is what we are here to help you do.

There is not just one way of doing life and we are determined to prove that.


you dream it.

we brand it.

We stay small to serve the small and mighty. Whether you are a full-time solo-preneur with your next big idea or you are thinking of bringing in some extra income with a side hustle, we got you.


we're in the

business of

creating vibes.

it's a process & one size does not fit all

building brands is our jam.

You already know your business is a winner. But how do you go about presenting your product or service to break through the noise and create that enviable top-of-mind awareness it so badly needs? That's exactly what we accomplish through our 90 day brand building service.

We conjure up so much more than just a cool logo. Our Moxie Made process is a collaboartive one, taking you from having an idea to having a business. This means attention-getting graphic design backed by conceptual strategy and planned execution for the kind of customer experience your clients and future clients won't soon forget.

Things we cover:


Brand Story + messaging

brand core

voice & tone

visual identity

Brand Positioning

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being confused by your own website is a thing of the past.

Two things we make a priority when building websites:

1. Make it easy.
2. Make it look damn good.

Whether you have an existing site that needs some updating or you are starting from complete scratch, our team can help ensure your brand has a home on the web that you can feel good about and that is, of course, on brand.

Moxie Made specializes in Webflow, Shopify and Squarespace websites and design:



e-commerce sites

landing pages & more

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we've been here, there, and honestly everywhere.

One of our passions at Moxie Made is to share. We choose collaboration over comptetion every time and believe what we can create together will always be better than on our own.

With this, we offer 1:1 coaching for those interested in:

starting a side hustle

leveling up their business

side hustle into full time

freelancing & more

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for you DIY-ers out there.

It's no secret we appreciate a hustler and totally support finding a way where there's a will. However we also want to support thoughtful, attention-grabbing branding which is why we offer consulting to those who can do it on their own but are seeking guidance along the way.

We consult on:

brand strategy

brand messaging

use of brand voice

brand design


marketing strategy

content strategy

customer experience

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Image from Moxie Made Instagram post
Image from Moxie Made Instagram post
Image from Moxie Made Instagram post


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