Helping entrepreneurs

present their ideas, thoughtfully and visually.

Known for always finding a way, Moxie Made has been working alongside entrepreneurs across all industries to present their ideas to the world through brand strategy and design. Specializing in small businesses & side hustles, we know how big of a deal it is to choose to start your own business which is why we take our work very personal.

We stand for values that represent creativity, balance, and sustainability. Taking a dream and creating a living for oneself out of it and then using that creation to balance your life and give meaning or purpose that goes beyond making money is what we are here to help you do.

There is not just one way of doing life and we are determined to prove that.


you dream it.

we brand it.

Whether you are a full-time entrepreneur with your next big idea or you are thinking of bringing in some extra income with a side hustle, we got you.


turn what

you love

into a living.

it's a four step process > click through to see

step 1: create a solid brand strategy.

You know what they say, where there’s a will… There is always a way and oftentimes we find that way in having a solid plan. Where we always start is establishing the WHY, WHO, and HOWs of your business in order to reflect in your brand. In almost every project we touch on:


Brand Story

Customer Personas

voice & tone

brand messaging

Brand Positioning

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step 2: take the strategy and make it visible.

With your brand design, the goal is to visually stand out, consistently and coherently, across every single brand touchpoint (where your customers are going to see you). We collaborate with digital artists of all kinds for our design services to bring your brand to life visually and allow for endless creative opportunity.

brand identity

design implementation

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step 3: create a home on the web where the brand can live & thrive.

Two things we make a priority when building websites for our clients:

1. Make it easy.
2. Make it look damn good.

Being confused by your own website is a thing of the past. After wrapping up with the branding process, we take the design elements and create a brand new website, easily functional for the business AND business owner. This can range from a blog, to an e-commerce shop, to an online portfolio.

web development

web design

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step 4: keep the consistency until further notice.

Moxie Made offers monthly brand management services for those looking to ensure everything stays nice and cohesive whether it be throughout the first year of launching or for an extended period of time.

As part of our management services, we also offer Public Relations assistance as well. What better way to celebrate a new brand than by having it professionally promoted to the world?

Brand management

public relations

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Image from Moxie Made Instagram post
Image from Moxie Made Instagram post
Image from Moxie Made Instagram post


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