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moxie made


Ideas into Businesses

Moxie Made is a Brand Strategy & Design agency creating and managing brands for entrepreneurs hell-bent on starting their own business. We turn some of the wildest dreams into real, sustainable businesses, set up for success.

Our Mission: To turn ideas into businesses through branding for entrepreneurs in the small business and side hustle sphere.

Vision: To show creativity has no end, through imagination, collaboration, & outside inspiration.

Hayley Kruth walking on a crosswalk

Our Roots

Started in the state of fast horses and slow pours, Moxie Made originated in small-town Kentucky as a side hustle by Hayley Kruth. After years of working in the small business sector, learning the ins and outs of starting a business, creating brands, and executing to fruition, Hayley decided if they could do it, so could she. The rest is history.

Hayley Kruth, owner and founder of Moxie Made, smiling

Meet Hayley

My overall goal for Moxie Made is to create and deliver my clients with the dreamiest brands for their ideal business. In doing this, I will go to any extent necessary to make it happen. I collab with other professionals to produce one-of-a-kind projects that stand the test of time.

Started in November 2019 in Bowling Green, KY, I now live and work from the beach in Charleston, SC with a dream of serving clients all over the world.

My Why: Because I wanted to do it {life} differently.

Yes, we all have to make money in order to do anything in this world, however do we have to do it at the expense of not enjoying our lives?

Starting my own business was my way of having the best of both worlds. While it comes with it's own set of challenges, it affords me the opportunity to create my own way of living life while helping others get started doing their own thing too.

If you too believe in collaboration over competition & enjoy your success gritty, let’s talk.

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