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September 2022

Every mile with a smile.

Mom, travel addict, and entrepreneur, Dana Susina started her business renting out minivans in Charleston, SC by using car-share platform, Turo. BUT (and this is a big but) she did something different when someone rented from her fleet - she customized the van with pre-loaded accessories based off of what the renter needed for their trip. This eliminates families from having to travel with items such as car seats, pack and plays, beach toys, etc. Turns out, this business model was as much needed as she thought. Out of this Packsy was born with a fleet of six and a determination to make traveling and packing easy. Dana has since taken her business off of Turo and is in the process of launching her own website + app.


Dana already had the business name of King Street Minivans she had been operating under at the time we met her. Knowing that she would eventually want to grow the business into multiple cities, she knew she needed a re-brand to position the business to meet her goals. With that, we did a full brand strategy and design for her, starting with her brand essence, moving into re-naming the business, and then ending with designing the identity you see today.

We knew we wanted a strong, one word name for this project. Packsy combines the two words packing + easy which is a large part of Dana's core for this business.

For each branding client, Moxie Made creates a personalized brand book for them which recaps everything we work on together. You can check out Packsy's here.

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