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Luxury Loungewear for Real Women

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Branding, Web Design


July 2021

Where Comfort Meets Confidence

It all started with a pair of llama earrings and an Instagram message. After seeing one of our videos on the social, Erin reached out to us a few months into opening up her online clothing boutique, Lounge With Us. She was seeking guidance on how to take her brainchild and really back it up through a cohesive and clear brand message. Simply put - we had to define who Lounge With Us is truly meant for and how we would go about speaking to those people.


Through our brand strategy and identity process, we successfully re-vamped Lounge With Us to better reach and talk to the fabulous women it has always been intended for. How you may be wondering? Well we asked a ton of questions and did a fare share of research. With the results we got back we were able to make decisions on things like what Erin's messaging pillars should be, how and where she should speak to the loungers, and how to say "you should buy my product" without actually saying "you should buy my product."

At the completion of Erin's brand project, we partnered with photographer Kevin Bianchi to do a brand shoot to showcase the  Lounge With Us Real Women series.

Lucky for us, we get to continue the lounge party as we manage the Lounge With Us brand for Erin.

Web Design

As we worked with Erin throughout her branding journey, we came to the realization her website was more of a burden than a tool for her to use. As an e-commerce business, this was just not an option. So we got to brainstorming, researching, and determining what Erin really needed in a website. Moxie Made served as a consultant throughout this learning phase which ultimately led us to a choosing a Shopify site for Lounge With Us.

After the decision was made, Moxie Made did the design of the website to ensure Lounge With Us created an experience for its shoppers that matched the brand we had just curated for Erin. The new website launched February 2022.

When you pay someone to do a job, generally you are happy when they do it, the job gets done, & is followed by a thank you & a bye-bye. That isn't my case with Hayley. I discovered Hayley from a video she had posted on Instagram & me being in fashion, stopped the scroll to check out these adorable llama earrings she was wearing. I was quickly drawn to the words she was speaking & decided to reach out. That was the second-best decision I've made as a business owner following actually completing the steps to start my business. She had a clear plan that was mapped out for me throughout the following months. There are two stand-out qualities she not only has but absolutely knocks out of the park. Initiative & drive. The two sound alike but they're not. Hayley came to me with ideas & suggestions that weren't on our initial scope of work. She worked on things when she wasn't scheduled to. She made productive changes when she wasn't asked to. She is an open communicator & a very good listener. She goes the extra mile because she, herself, is very driven. She drives you as a business owner because that's what drives her. She thrives watching others succeed & that is exactly the type of person I want to work with. Hayley's work ethic sets her apart. Her work will show you how talented she is, however, her character will show you quickly how valuable she is.

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