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Branding, Web Design


June 2021

What is better than life on the lake? We will wait...

Wear Norris is an online lake apparel company that is family owned and operated from Norris Lake, TN by guess who? Our very own Hayley Kruth's in-laws. This cozy project was a 10+ year idea in the making that started out as a Christmas gift from the family's patriarch, Pablo to his kids, Nick and Ashley. When Nick married Hayley in September 2019, the idea to launch a family apparel business started brewing again. With Hayley's background in branding and marketing, she took it upon herself to enlist Moxie Made to get the job done.

For this project overview we will let Hayley take over to explain.


Doing a brandstorm (branding brainstorm) with your family makes for an interesting dinner or two that is for sure. I have come across many of entrepreneurs who had an idea but had no idea where to start but to be the person who is leading this process for your family is a unique experience to say the least. We started from not even having a business name, but with many family group votes we curated the name, how we wanted the brand to make people feel, the colors to be used, how we wanted to set up shop and then lastly the actual product design itself.

Web Design

After we wrapped up the branding process, Moxie Made then created an e-commerce shop for Wear Norris to live and thrive on. Not only did Moxie Made design the Wear Norris site, we also consulted on which route to take in terms of inventory - do we order in bulk or do a per-order print process. With the proper research and questions asked, we decided to do product prints as they were ordered for now.

If you love the lake life and want to support a small family business, check Wear Norris out.

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