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September 2018

Slow Art at its Finest

In a world that is always on the go, pining for the "next best thing" Sarah and her brand, Slow As Folk, are the reminder we need to celebrate being slow, slowing down, and taking a step back.


Owner, artist, & friend, Sarah, enlisted our help with taking her already existing folk art and jewelry business and make it more representative of where she was in her life and where she wanted to go. As one of our very first projects, this inspired us to seek out true collaborations in the future. As an artist, we were able to incorporate Sarah's art into her brand identity with the two monstera leaves. Every single aspect from the thickness or the leaves to the shade of the chartreuse was a collaborative process.

You can check Sarah out on her Instagram.

Collaborating with Hayley helped me conceptualize my rebrand for my personal brand, Slow as Folk, which includes art, jewelry and everything that I love. Through pin-pointing what font I wanted in my logo to the actual number of my brand color, she created the consistency I didn’t even know I was looking for. Beside the logistical side of this process, Hayley created a unique experience that made me feel comfortable, oftentimes in my own home so that I was in my element and we could get a clear idea of what my vision was that I wanted.
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