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Tarot & Skincare

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Branding, Web Design


September 2020

Freely Be - Crafting good auras through skincare, energy work, and individual empowerment.

This project is the perfect example of where there is a will there is a way.

Carli came to us with an idea for a business concept that had not really ever been done before. As a certified Aesthetician who discovered a passion for tarot card readings later in life, she wanted a way to combine both skincare and energy work for her clients to enjoy. The dream did not stop there however. She also wanted to carve out a brand that she could one day sell her own skincare line under as well.


Through brand strategy and design, we created a way for the two concepts to co-exist, paving the way for a modern take on witchcraft while positioning the brand to also be skincare ready for whenever Carli is ready. Like with many things in life, not everything is as it seems. One of our favorite parts about this brand project is the meaning behind Carli's logo design. The use of a triangle represents manifestation, enlightenment, revelation, and a higher perspective. However the use of an upside down triangle is representative of Carli's Zodiac sign, water. Another symbol: The flower in the top of the triangle. We used a hand drawn Geranium which is Carli's Scorpio Zodiac flower.

Web Design

At the end of this branding project, we completed a brand new website with brand photography for Carli so that current and future clients alike could book her services with ease. Check out the gorgeous shots taken by Avery Duvall on Carli's website

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